Matthew Lesko is a role model

Mathew Lesko

The Question Mark Guy

I remember the first time I saw Matthew Lesko driving around Maryland in his question mark car.  I thought this guy was a nut and did not understand it.  I must have been in junior high school when I first remember seeing him around.  I would see his late night infomercials and then saw him driving down the road and freaked out!

Fast forward 15 years and I now totally get it.  The guy is a master marketer and great businessman.  To come up with this idea long before anyone else shows what kinda of mind this guy has.  Last week I had the honor of meeting Matthew at the grow smartbiz conference in Washington DC.  I was not expecting to see him, but all of a sudden he pops into the conference with his question mark suit, rainbow color eyeglasses and bushy eyebrows.  At first I was not going to approach him, but figured what the hell let me see if he is up for talking.  He was very nice and open to talking.  It was amazing to hear some of his challenges and hear him talking openly about the state of internet marketing.

One thing I overheard him say really hit me.  He was asking people for advice about what is working and that he said that some of the things he is doing are not really working anymore.  This is a guy that must be doing millions of dollars a year and he is asking for advice from other people. This is exactly why he is so successful, because even with all the success he still is always trying to learn.

The other cool quote I heard him say was “They used to kick me out when I wore my question mark suit, now they don’t want me unless I am wearing it”

I will always remember this quote.  Matthew Lesko was brave enough to be who he wanted to be and was not worried about what others would think.  If you watch the link below to his documentary he says that he loves to wear the suit because it weeds out people he would not want to talk to anyways.  Meaning, when he wears the suit either people love it or hate it.  If they hate it then they would probably have hated him anyways so he would not have enjoyed speaking with them and if they love the suit then well he will love to have a conversation with them.

The last thing I will leave you with is that if you are serious about internet marketing you need to study Matthew Lesko, because you can learn a lot from how he has built his business and molded his brand.

Please check out the link below. It is a awesome documentary about Mathew and gives insight into his personal life. It is very interesting to see the man behind the question mark suit.

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  2. Joe Heinzen says:

    The first time I saw Matthew he was crossing Key bridge in DC. I thought that was very fitting. What better way to first see him? I started hearing the star-spangled banner in my head…haha.

  3. admin says:

    HAHA, Was he driving in his question mark car? He goes to a lot of the internet trade shows. I saw him at Adtech NYC as well.

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