16 days and 43 minutes until we leave for Latin america

I must say that this is not all fun and games. I think the level of stress is high for both Debbie and I. It has been exactly two weeks since we moved out of our house. I have been living at my uncles house and Debbie has been staying with her sister so that she can maximize the time she has left with her sister and new baby. Because we have not been living in the same house we have spent the majority of the last two weeks doing our own things. Debbie has been spending time with her sister and the new baby while I have been at my uncles house working on a long list of items we need to take care of before we leave. Spending time with our family has been great, but we have not had much time with each other. Obviously this will change the moment we leave and then we will be together 24/7. The fact that we are both out of our normal routine is another reason for higher stress levels. I think a lot of it comes because we don’t have the standard comforts of having our own house and also Debbie’s daily commute has changed.

For those that are thinking about doing something like this I wanted to point out a few things. It is normal to feel worried, stressed out, scared and discouraged about going on an adventure like this. Having second thoughts and thinking that this might not be the best thing to do is absolutely normal and ok. These thoughts do come to me and I am sure you will experience this as well. It is ok to second guess this and that has often been the case for me. As much as I appear cool, calm and collective I still feel nervous, have doubts and have second thoughts about picking up and leaving the country. The best thing to do when you start feeling this way is continue to plan and research the trip. Also, I have several mentors that I reached out to that have coached me along and really inspired me to go for it.

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  1. Melinda says:

    OMG I am so excited for both of you. Coming from someone who has picked up and moved their family 5 times in 13 years it is all nerve racking…As long as you and Debbie have a goal in mind (which you do) the stress in necessary… This is an awesome idea and it sounds like you have a plan. I can’t wait to hear about all your stories.. also include some cool food and wine recommendations.
    The experiences you will have and the people you meet will inspire you to keep your mind open and to live your life in a way a lot of other people are afraid to do!!! Go and enjoy and learn about yourselves and each other.. I am so jealous!!!!! melinda

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