Family and Friends we will miss you

Hello Family & Friends,

We are sorry that we did not call you directly, but wanted to let you know about our next crazy adventure.

For most of you that know Jason I don’t think this will be a big surprise, but for those that know Debbie this might be a bit of a shock.

For a long time we have had a dream of spending a prolonged period of time somewhere in Latin America. We are looking for a place that has good weather, warm water, beach and Spanish is the spoken language. Our adventure will start in El Salvador and continue down south through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. If time permits we also might hit Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

We are leaving DC on December 8th and have a one way flight to El Salvador. This is more of an exploration trip and is scheduled to take us about 4-6 months. After we have traveled to all the countries on our list we plan to come back to DC for a few weeks to spend time with Family/Friends, evaluate the trip and figure out if we want to relocate for a longer period of time. My early guess is that this might give us the fix we need, but we also have a few business ideas and will be researching those options while we are down there.(more details to come about this later… make sure to read the future blog posts )

This is not going to be a total vacation for us and in fact we plan to work at least 3-4 days a week while we are traveling. Debbie’s company is allowing her to work remote and I have already started and will continue to build up my Internet Marketing company. I created a website that will document our trip and update everyone on what we are doing and where we are going next.

We are going to make it a point to update this site as often as possible. I am hoping to update at least 2-3 times a week with stories and great videos. Please feel free to comment on the blog post because we will certainly need all your support on this.

We love you and will miss you. We also really hope that you will come visit us at some point along our journey. Please let us know which countries interest you and we can coordinate when and where to meet along the way.

Jason & Debbie

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5 Responses to Family and Friends we will miss you

  1. Miguel Gottschalck says:

    Dear Jason and Debbie:

    After thinking it through, I am fully behind your decision of initiating this tremendous endeavor of searching a place to develop according to the project you have in mind. At first it sounded crazy, but after a while I came to realize that something like this you can only accomplish at a younger age, and not after retirement. So put all your energy to it and I am sure you will be fully rewarded.

    Of course I will be following your blog, and hopefully you have the time for posting the announced updates. The part that really made me happy is that you might include Bolivia into your itinerary, and even if you did not specify Santa Cruz as the target city, I assume it is implied, and of course staying with us is also implied. We will be really happy to have you stay with us for the time you consider adequate, and maybe this can be useful for you to recover from the strenuous trip before arriving on the last leg, which I assume will be Bolivia.

    I wish you both the best of luck on the adventure which will start in about two weeks. If you should need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. It will be my pleasure to do whatever I can to solve some problems that may arise.

    Looking forward to reading your trip updates and possibly watching the pictures you are probably going to upload. I will be following your advance in this very special journey. Please stay healthy


    • admin says:

      Hi Miguel,

      Thanks for the leaving a comment! We will definitely come visit you in Santa Cruz. Hopefully by the time we arrive there will be a Red Lobster there as well. Saludos to everyone!

  2. Gabe Sales-Smith says:


    Power out! So did you guys sell your home? (the new one you just bought?!). Nice. Have fun and enjoy the ride. I’m convinced that more will be revealed one day at a time.


    • admin says:

      Hey Gabe!

      No we didn’t sell. We decided to rent which actually provides us with a bit of cash flow that will help us on our journey. Our number one criteria for buying real estate is to make sure its in a good rental area. The second is that it at least breaks even or is a bit positive over the what our mortgage it. Lets catch up for that lunch you owe me before I leave. :)

  3. Stephanie Klaiber says:

    A once in a lifetime adventure! Wishing you all the best and looking forward to hearing more about your travels over the coming months and where you all eventually decide to “land”. There is nothing better than experiencing the location before committing to it… ENJOY the JOURNEY….

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