Learing to speak Spanish is my top priority

Finally Learn How to Speak Spanish

One of the main objectives for this trip is that I learn Spanish at a conversation level. I would also like to return with the ability to read and write at an intermediate or even some what of an advanced level. It has been a goal of mine for a while now to learn Spanish and also more importantly I made a promise a long time ago to Debbie and her family that I would learn.

Going back to when we first decided to take this journey, learning Spanish was one of the top reasons we picked Latin America. Learning to speak Spanish at a conversational level would be a huge accomplishment for me. Of course I could learn here in the US, but the fact is I now have no excuse. Living down there I can eat, sleep and breath Spanish!

I am not sure if I will enroll in a short term program or just study on my own. I was reading on several blogs about people that did 2-3 week courses in Nicaragua. I also have heard that there are many schools in Costa Rica. I am sure once we go down there we will find them in every town. I think learning at one of these small schools is something I will try. Since we will be moving around I will probably try out a few different schools along the way.

I always said that if the only thing I accomplish on this trip is learning Spanish then it will make this adventure a total success. Obviously, we are going to accomplish much more, but that says how important learning Spanish is to me.

What are some of the ways you have learned a second language?

How much should I expect to learn in 4-6 months?

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