Has anyone been to Roatan or Utila in Honduras?

Roatan Honduras

Roatan Honduras

When we started planning this adventure a few months ago and even a few weeks ago, Honduras was not on our list of countries to visit.

The past couple of days Debbie has been reading through the “Central America on a Budget” guide book and also speaking with people here in El Salvador about Guatemala and Honduras. We have had numerous people tell us how fantastic Antigua (a colonial city in Guatemala that reflects what life was like during the times of Spanish colonization) and Roatan (one of the Bay Islands in Honduras) are. I am sure Antigua is a charming city, but I think we might skip it and head to Honduras. One of the reasons Honduras was not on our initial list was just like Guatemala, a number of people told us that safety is a problem in these countries.

After being in El Salvador for a few days and speaking with people, Debbie feels better about going to these countries.

Honduras is situated right below Guatemala to the east of El Salvador. Roatan is the better known Islands of the Bay Islands in Honduras, but Utila is supposed to be just as beautiful but less expensive and not as developed. The diving is supposed to be spectacular and inexpensive. Debbie is thinking that now would be a great time to get certified in diving and since I have my advance certs it would be a great place to get in some dives.

One of the other potential places we could visit are the Mayan ruins of Copan. Per the guide book, this is the second most visited destination in Honduras.

Since we have to pass through Honduras to get to Nicaragua it makes sense for us to check out a bit of Honduras.  Have you heard of or been to Roatan and/or Copan? Are we making a mistake by skipping Antigua? Please respond to the poll below.

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5 Responses to Has anyone been to Roatan or Utila in Honduras?

  1. Jan Thorkelson says:

    Don’t pass up Antigua. I’ve been there 3 times & would go back in a minute. It’s surrounded by volcanoes, has a ton of fascinating history, great food, & great shopping. It was quite inexpensive too. Copan is very much worth a visit on your way to Honduras. We’ve lived on Roatan for 13 years, so definately recommend a visit here.
    Good luck.

  2. Elaine Conroy says:

    Don’t miss Roatan! Before Dario got sick we were suppose to rent an apartment next to our friends – they will be going back after the 1st of January for the third time. They say it is just an enchanting place…
    Have fun….

  3. stacey thompson says:

    hey j…been to all of those places…antigua is awesome and i would definitely recommend it, copan is ok…the ruins are beautiful but not much beyond that in my opinion. roatan is amazing but utila is much more of a gem as not many people know about it. replied to your email before i read this post, diving is a must in utila! let us know what you end up doing and email any questions you may have! enjoy!

  4. Dave Oremland says:

    Unfortunately this comment has nothing to do with Honduras or great places to visit, catch rays, get sun, etc.

    It does have something to do with escaping that cube though. Saw this article: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-office-space-20101215,0,965694.story

    and I thought of you. Great time to be escaping cubes in general. Enjoy yourselves!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comment. Great article…. “The Backpack Kids” haha… love it

      btw- the Sun, Surf, Beach and food is great here in El Tunco, El Salvador!

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