Penthouse at La Tortuga in El Tunco, El Salvador

We are staying in the Penthouse at La Tortuga. Ok, so its not the penthouse, but it is the nicest room at the resort. Ok, so its not a resort, but it is a very special place.

La Tortuga is smack dab on the beach in El Tunco or more commonly known as Sunzal a couple kilometers down from La Libertad. Its a really special place for me because this was my first experience with El Salvador last year October 2009. For this trip we selected the second floor ocean front room. Its a nice size room with its own bathroom. When you first walk into the room the windows are open and you have an amazing view of the ocean. The Ocean is less than 50 ft from your room.

The balcony outside the room is very nice. Its large enough to entertain a few people and has a nice hammock and small picnic table. The views are also spectacular from the balcony.

There is a really nice lady “Maritza” that takes care of everything at the hotel. There is a small social area that has a bar, restaurant and flat screen tv that plays surf videos.

Now for a bit of feedback to the owner:
The rooms could be a bit cleaner and there were no blankets. Its pretty warm here so I think for the most part you don’t need blankets, but Debbie was cold last night. There are no towels and rooms are open so the occasional critter sometimes visits.

Overall a great value for $30

Check out the short video below:

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