Sean and Jake backpacking from Panama to California on Motorcycles

Sean and Jake Backpacking through Latin America on motorcycles

We are now a few days into the real journey. Debbie and I were sick for the first 4-5 days, but we are both finally starting to feel better. The ocean air and water have both done us well. The deep cold that was in my chest is almost gone. We are starting to meet backpackers and travelers of all kinds. Staying in the room next to us at La Tortuga were Sean and Jake. Their story is pretty amazing. Jake was working in Argentina for several months and then decided to head to Panama to do some backpacking with his friend Sean. In Panama, Sean and Jake purchased motorcycles and started traveling north through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and are now in El Salvador, where we crossed paths. They are now on their way to Antigua, Guatemala, Mexico and then back home to California.

They are doing this trip on a very small budget. They have been camping for $3 per day and eating at the local stands which are very inexpensive. They have often just pulled up to a locals house and asked them if they can camp in their yard. They told some amazing stories about meeting locals and how open and friendly they have been. Many times they have been invited to eat dinner and spend time with their families.

It must be so cool to have the freedom and flexibility to go anywhere. With a motorcycle you really can do and see a lot. They have everything on the bikes. He even fashioned a surfboard rack to the motorcycle.

Check out Sean and Jake in the video below:

For more awesome videos check Sean and The Chronicles of McGonigle at:

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