Imposible Tour Tacuba, El Salvador

El Imposible waterfall picture

El Imposible waterfall picture

Last year when my friend Dylan was in El Salvador he came to Tacuba and did “The Imposible” waterfall tour.  He told me the trip was a ton of fun and that we had to stay at the Hostal de Mama y Papa and do the tour with a guy named Manolo.  We left the beach and headed for the town of Tacuba. This tour started in 2000 and is family owned and operated by the Hostal de Mama y Papa. Tacuba is located in the department of Ahuachapan which is in the western part of El Salvador.

I made two video’s one is 9 minutes and the other is edited a bit more and only 4 minutes.

Check out the two videos below.

Shorter edited version:

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2 Responses to Imposible Tour Tacuba, El Salvador

  1. allen Janofsky says:

    Hey guys
    Looks like your having a great time. Love the up-dates, and I have gotten some of my friends watching as well. I’m not going to be able to vist in Jan. This year the floorcovering show in Vegas in on the 25th of Jan. For the last six, or seven years it has been the first week of Feb. Zenny has the 24th off, and could of made the trip that week. We were thinking about leaving on thurs night the 20th, and come back onthe 25th, but now that is no good.
    How about we try some time in feb. Zenny will have some off than. Think about where you guys will be, and let know.
    It’s cold here .. very cold the last couple of days, so your in the right place.

    Have fun

    Love you guys


  2. Payam says:

    that was awesome!

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