Hostal de Mama y Papa in Tacuba, El Salvador

Hostal de Mama y Papa

If you are traveling in El Salvador, “Hostal de Mama y Papa” is a place you must visit. This hostel is run by Mama y Papa and their son Manolo runs all sorts of Adventure tours in and around the town of Tacuba.

From the second you walk in Mama/Papa are there making sure you are comfortable and well taken care of. The hostel has a restaurant, internet (wifi), and laundry services. Mama prepared all our meals and talked with us for hours. Mama is full of life and has this cute little laugh that just makes you smile from ear to ear. The Hostel is very clean, cozy, comfortable and you feel at home there. Mama and Papa shared their stories about the town of Tacuba and how they started the Hostel.

Check out the video below:

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3 Responses to Hostal de Mama y Papa in Tacuba, El Salvador

  1. Samantha Gomerez(Samy) says:

    hey jason this is yasmin zenys daughterr hows pupusa land been going for you hope your having funn

  2. Jenny says:

    Before signing onto any tour with Manolo, please note the following:
    -We were promised we would be dropped off 40 minutes from our next destination so we would sign-up for his tour, however it took 4 hours including a bus transfer to arrive to our next destination.
    -Manolo sat on my bed in the hostel and listed a long list of exaggerated reasons for why we should go on his 3-day tour and when I said we’d discuss it and let him know, he said he didn’t mean to pressure us but he had to know right away to put the payment down for the food (also a lie)
    -Once he had our money, he told us he hadn’t had to resort to his convincing skills since he’d been a credit card salesman and won the prize for most card sign-ons.
    -Manolo is pushy, aggressive, and constantly taking up your personal space without permission. He also has intentions with any single female and sleeps with many of the guests at his hostel, beware!
    -Walks into guests bedrooms without knocking.
    -”Fake” chocked me when I was sitting on my bed in my room because we didn’t want to go on his tour.
    -We were promised plenty of fruit and vegetables for lunch, and got wonderbread & bean sandwiches and one banana each.
    -Were lied to, Manolo constantly exaggerated everything to get us to sign up.
    -Pressured us to drink, over and over, even though we said no many times.
    -Ripped the tail off a live lizard for shits and giggles.
    -Slave-drives his staff.
    -Discouraged the waterfall hike in Juayua, saying his was so much better, and I quote: “Five people get robbed on that tour each week!” He said. Yet we went on the Juayua tour and the guide, trek and lunch were incredible! Much better than his hikes and excursions by far!
    -Manolo told us we would go to a surfable beach, Barra de Santiago beach, which he said was more surfable than El Tunco (which is only good for the party, he said): completely untrue! Barra de Santiago beach was all close-out waves and had a dangerous undercurrent and no surfing at all, and he was encouraging guests with no experience to go out and try the waves! Very dangerous. And as you know if you’ve been to El Salvador, el Tunco has a great surf break.
    -He told us there were hot springs included in the tour- we never did visit them.
    -Manolo is a disgusting male chauvinist and untrustworthy. He puts up a great front, just be careful!

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