Santa Theresa Termales El Salvador – Hot springs

Santa Theresa Termales El Salvador - Hot Springs

When we were in Tacuba at “Mama y Papa Hostal” we heard about a tour to the “Santa Theresa Termales” or as I would call them Hot Springs. We were planning to head to the Hot Springs after our Imposible Waterfall Tour, but by the time we got back we decided to check them out the next day on our way back to San Salvador.

The hot springs are 7 kilometers off the main highway that runs from Ahuachapan to Ataco. The road from the main highway to the hot springs is not in good shape and it would be best to have a truck or car that has decent clearance. We did it with 4 people in a Toyota Corolla and were fine, but I was worried the whole way and was sure I was going to crack the oil pan.

Check out the video below, but please forgive the poor quality (I think its time for a new camera):

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4 Responses to Santa Theresa Termales El Salvador – Hot springs

  1. David says:

    How fantastic for you guys!!!

    Very cool!

    David and Kim

  2. jak says:

    hot spring —–> oh i’d kill to be in a hotspring right now!

    • admin says:

      The Hot springs were amazing! Our bodies were worn out from the hike and after sitting in these pools for a couple hours we felt great!

      This would also make a fantastic place for a retreat.

  3. mins says:

    anyone know anything about the lodges or cabin at the hot springs

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