How to get from San Salvador, El Salvador to Roatan, Honduras

How to get from El Salvador to the Bay Islands (Roatan & Utila) in Honduras

There are several options to get from El Salvador to the Bay Islands (Roatan & Utila) off the coast of Honduras. You can jump on a chicken bus, take a nice coach bus or fly. We decided to take the coach bus from San Salvador to San Pedro Sula (7 hours) and then another bus from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba (3 hours). Both buses were nice however the first leg of the trip was on the King Quality bus line and that was really nice and a step above the rest.

Its a bit hard to read, but in the map above you can see San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba and then Roatan is the Island right in the middle of the bay under where it says Honduras.

We got to La Ceiba at 6:30 and had to stay the night, because the last ferry to Roatan leaves at 4:30pm (see schedule and fares below video). Once we got to La Ceiba we jumped in a shared cab and told the driver to take us to the downtown party area where all the hotel and hostels are located. From the moment we got off the bus in La Ceiba I felt a negative vibe. The cab driver seems shady and only out to earn a buck. He really wanted us to stay at this one specific hotel which he probably receives a commission from and was pushing hard. We stood our ground and told him to take us to the hotel we selected. We made it to the hotel we selected “Rotterdam” and the place was such a dump. I guess we should have checked out the hotel the cab driver told us about.

We did have a good dinner at a restaurant right next to our hotel. The restaurant “Aqua Beach” had a good vibe and it was the highlight of our time in La Ceiba. Early the next morning we quickly grabbed our already packed bags and headed for the ferry to Roatan. The ferry was nice and it was a quick 1 hour ride over to the Island of Roatan.

Check out the video of our trip from San Salvador to Roatan with a short over night stay in La Ceiba.

Schedule Departure Arrival
7:00 am Roatan 8:15 am La Ceiba
9:30 am La Ceiba 10:45 am Roatan
2:00 pm Roatan 3:15 pm La Ceiba
4:30 pm La Ceiba 5:45 pm Roatan

Fares – La Ceiba to Roatan Normal Class
One Way Round Trip
Adult $26 $54
Child below 5 yrs Free

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