Volcano Concepcion on Isla Ometepe in Nicaragua

Volcano Concepcion in Nicaragua

Volcano Concepcion is very impressive! If you are in or are planning to come to Nicaragua you have to check out Volcano Concepcion. It is a massive active volcano and an excellent day trip.

While we were in the Cafe of our hotel we met a few other travelers that were also looking to hike the volcano the following day. This worked our perfect because we were able to negotiate a group rate ($12.50 per person) for a guide to take us up the Volcano and spend the day with new friends.

If you are an experienced hiker I think you would be fine on your own, but the Island requires that you use a licensed tour guide when hiking up. We went with Luis (Smiley) who is a really knowledgeable guide and very fun.

Check out the video of our hike up Volcano Concepcion:

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