Selecting the right hotel really does make a huge difference

View from Cometa Copal Cabana

A few weeks ago we stayed at a hotel in Bahia Salinas, Costa Rica. When I researched hotels in this area I thought that there was really only one option.  From the website and speaking with the owner I thought it was a great choice.

When we arrived I immediately felt a slight bad vibe and mojo.  After a bit of searching around the hotel we found the owner and got checked in. For the time being everything seemed to be going well, but after a few hours the bad vibe began to creep back in. Long story short, the kite boarding was good, but we did not enjoy the hotel which really put a damper on the overall experience.

However, while I was Kite boarding I realized that there were other accommodation options in the area. I also met the owner of Cometa Copal and he was a great guy. I took down his information in case I was ever able to return.

Now fast forward one week later and because my wife really loves me, she was open to go back to Bahia Salinas and give another hotel a chance.  From the moment I reached out to Bob owner of Cometa Copal, I felt like I was in good hands.  Bob really took the time to make us feel welcomed and comfortable.

We checked in and really enjoyed our time there.  We had only been there a couple hours, but it was already a night and day experience from our previous hotel.  All of the cabinas look directly over the bay. Also, each cabina has its own fully furnished kitchen. In addition, there is a huge pool steps from our back patio and the beach is only a short five minute walk away.

The other hotel is a 20-25 minute walk to the bay and you feel extremely isolated at the hotel.  To make it worse there is no entertainment or sense that the owners even care about their guest.  I understand that it is a kite boarding hotel, but they should realize that some people travel with non kiteboarders and should offer alternative entertainment or at least let them know that they care about them as well.  Its almost more important to make non kiteboarders comfortable so that they are willing to stick around while others are enjoying their day on the water!

We really loved it at Bob’s place.  It is a totally different experience and am so thankful that we stumbled upon it.

So make sure you check the vibe at a few hotels in the area and if you are not having a great time it might be because of the hotel and not the area.

Luckily we came back and had a fantastic experience, because if we did not I would never ever been able to get Debbie to come here again.

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    I like the picture with the “”, written on the sand
    Keep enjoying every minute of your adventure !

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