Kite Boarding in Bahia Salinas round two and meeting amazing new friends

We had a blast at Cometa Copal

Back to Bahia Salinas!!!  After traveling around Costa Rica for a week with Debbie’s sister Peggy, we backtracked up to Bahia Salinas for a few more days of kite boarding. Because we had a bad experience with the hotel we stayed at the first time, we decided to stay at another place called Cometa Copal Cabinas.

I was able to get in two really good days and improved my Kiteboarding skills to the point where I was actually riding and also starting to ride upwind, which is one of the most important skills in basic kiteboarding. More importantly, I feel that I am at a point where I will be able to safely kiteboard in Maryland and Delaware, when I return to DC.

There were tons of scorpions and a few sleepless nights worried that they were crawling into our cabin and under our bed. We duck taped the threshold and around the door and this seem to stop them from walking right under the door.

One of the best things to come from our week in Bahia Salinas was that we made great friends. We even traveled for a week with one them. While we were trading itinerary’s with one of our new friends we started to realize we had a few of the same destinations in common. When Gerrit offered us a ride in that direction we did not hesitate and jumped in with him. We skipped over a few place we might have visited, but it was totally awesome that we hooked up with Gerrit and we had so much fun getting to know each other and exploring Costa Rica together.

We were heading down south to Drake Bay, but our first stop was Manuel Antonio. After checking out the national park we did a bit of research and realized that heading to Drake Bay in Gerrit’s borrowed Mercedes was probably not the best idea. The road to Drake Bay supposedly was in bad shape and in addition there were several river crossings that probably would not have been good for the Mercedes. Instead we headed to Playa Dominical which was a great alternative. After a few great days, Gerrit had to get back to San Jose to catch his plane back to Germany and we continued down south to Panama. We had so much fun and we are already looking forward to reuniting with Gerrit soon!

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3 Responses to Kite Boarding in Bahia Salinas round two and meeting amazing new friends

  1. mark simpson says:

    Hi Jason,
    I’m glad to hear you riding up wind! That’s great news. Keep up the good work. I’ll look foward to some more videos. I’m dreaming of a white christmas (ok, I’m not Jewish) and kiteboarding every sinlge day and night. I think your parents are trying to avoid me at this point, but with my empty life, what the heck, gotta think of something, right? In any event, I’ve got some nice little spots to kite so you don’t have to go all the way to the beach. Although, my of my favorite spots is Assauteauge. Really great with South to Southwest winds. May the winds be with you!
    Mark Simpson

  2. Hirodo says:

    Cometa Copal is the best destination in Bahia Salinas. Next time you go don’t miss out on Spider Monkey and ask the Misses at Cometa Copal for her amazing Tres Leche.

  3. jak says:

    great to hear you are riding up wind!
    see you guys soon!

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