Playa La Barqueta, Panama

Las Olas Playa La Barqueta, Panama

We had a really good time at the Las Olas beach resort in Playa La Barqueta. After leaving Bocas del Toro we needed a place to stay that was about halfway between Bocas del Toro and Santa Catalina, which was our next destination. All that was really important was that the hotel had good internet connectivity so we could work for 3 days. We originally planned to spend a few days in David, Panama because we knew there was good internet, but instead of staying in the city and staring out the window at traffic we ended up heading to the beach. This was by far one of the best decisions and one of the worst decisions we have made on this trip. It was great because we loved our time at Las Olas. However, it was the worst, because we had a lot of cash stolen out of our room.

When we first arrived the hotel seemed like a ghost town, but we quickly made a few friends and ended up really connecting with a couple name Shirley and Phil. They are from New Jersey and come to Panama to escape the cold New Jersey winter. It started with a quick poolside conversation and then we enjoyed long chats and several dinners. They are an amazing couple that has been married for 47 years and still love each other dearly. We talk about so many things, but what I remember about them the most is that they spent their whole life working in a business that they loved, which was photography. Phil said that he was amazed that he was getting paid to do something he loved. We also talked about what life was like in New York during the 40′s and 50′s. We plan to meet up with them in New Jersey this summer.

This hotel has so much to offer. Our room looked directly out on the beach and most importantly the internet is very fast. There is are two swimming pools, gym, sauna, ping pong table, and restaurant. I rented a surfboard and got in a couple days of good surfing. Most of the days I surfed I was joined by jumping stingrays and another day 5-8 dolphins joined me while I was waiting for a few waves to roll in.

The hotel was very relaxing and we will definitely return here one day soon. Check out the video of the hotel:

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3 Responses to Playa La Barqueta, Panama

  1. ron says:

    What, you’re not going to tell the story about the money being stolen? I feel cheated :-)

  2. Mom says:

    I was ready to fly down until you said no treadmill. Sorry about the money.

  3. Elaine says:

    We were also in Las Olas about the same time….2/17 thru 2/19. Stayed in
    the room next to Phil and Shirley. We were staying the month in Volcan
    and wanted to warm up a bit. Lovely place. I would return.

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