Why I have not updated the blog

Writers Block

I know it has been a while since my last blog post and I want to take this time to explain. Some might think that traveling is easy and relaxing. While it is not as hard as rocket science it does take a lot of research, planning and overall work to travel from place to place in backpacker style. It also takes a toll on your mind and body when you are moving hotels every couple of days. The other thing that I found was difficult was sticking to a writing schedule. The first three months I was extremely diligent and disciplined about updating the blog and editing videos.

After working so hard the first three months I felt burned out and did was not in the mood to write. It was not a lack of content, but it was the thought of sitting down and having to write about it that just made my stomach turn. I can also not blame it entirely on not having enough time, because there was plenty of time that I could have written a post and updated the website.

I think one of the main problems is that it takes me a long time to write a post. I want each post to be perfect and it was my thought that if I sit down its going to be many hours until I can finish. All the time that I wasted debating what to write I could have kicked out many posts and been on to the next story.

There were also so many times that I would write a post in my head, but then when I came to write on the computer I just could not regurgitate this wonderful masterpiece. The other big reason was that I just wanted to enjoy the trip and not have to think about anything else other than the current place and people.

What is the lesson of this? Do not try and write the perfect post and don’t worry about the length. Every other day I should have just updated the site with how I was feeling about the trip, where we were at the current moment and what we were experiencing in that locations.

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4 Responses to Why I have not updated the blog

  1. ron says:

    Twitter, dude. 140 characters and toss in a few photos every now and then. done. :-)

    • admin says:

      Your so right Ron! I guess I always feel like people are looking for an in-depth post, but a couple of lines is probably much better anyways.

      How are you doing? is the project progressing nicely?

      All the best!

  2. mark simpson says:

    I just want to see video and photos of you kiting! Let’s make sure we understand the priorities in life, ok? See you when you get back. I found a nice place for easterly winds. Later.

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