Free wordpress blog setup and phone support

I am offering Free WordPress Blog Setup and phone support during your initial installation.

WordPress is very easy to set up if you are familiar with Hosting and cpanel, but for those that have never had their own hosting package then it can be a bit tricky. WordPress is a single click install from the fantastico cpanel page. There are also several very helpful plugins, and extra features that I will also include.

Since 2005 I have been working with WordPress. With my experience I can also help make your WordPress blog more Search Engine Friendly allowing you to take full advantage of your new WordPress website.

Don’t waste your time trying to learn how to set up and configure. Your time will be much better spent developing the content which is the key factor in making your website a success. Through my many hours of trial and error I have learn tons of tricks and will include those in your installation .

Learn from my mistakes because I have made a ton. I understand the frustration that goes into learning and setting up a website and want to help so you can get you blog going with out spending hour and hours setting it up.

What is included with your Free WordPress Setup:
Complete WordPress Installation
Optimize your Blog for Search Engines and Tips to increase your Search Engine Ranking Position
Helping you keep you site Spam free
Auto configure weekly Backups so that you never lose your content
Setup up your email
In addition, I am willing contact you on the phone or via skype and walk you though the initial configuration and set up. This way you can create your own site the next time.

Ok, so you are probably asking why I am willing to do this for Free

For five years I have been helping friends and family with their websites. We have spent hours upon hours talking about this idea and that idea. I have to say that I love it. I have never turned down a chance to talk about building websites and the possibility of earning passive income.

There is one things I ask from you and that is when you purchase your domain name and hosting (Items you will need before setting up your website) that you use my affiliate link so I get credit for your purchase. This helps fund the free service that I am providing for you. There is no extra charge and I will not ask you to pay me anything. The only thing I ask is that you sign up with one of my links: webhosting and domain names.

In order for me to get credit you will have to use my links in the post or below. I receive a referral bonus when you sign up with my link. I will also help you as much as I can down the road with any questions.

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