Its been almost one year since we left on our amazing journey

I just wanted to take this moment. Almost one year ago today we jumped on a one way flight bound for El Salvador. We did a bunch of research in advance, but did not have an exact plan. We knew that we wanted to start in El Salvador and end in Bolivia. We even thought maybe we would make it down to Argentina. The journey was amazing and we are so happy we did it.

We could just have easily decided not to take the risk and stay at our jobs. Looking back that would have been one of the biggest mistakes and missed opportunities we had ever made. This adventure really taught us a lot about life and our relationship. There were bumps along the way, but overall we had a really good time. I think at some points we were so caught up in the journey that we were not fully enjoying the trip, but other times we would sit back and really take in the adventure.

We are now back in Washington DC enjoying our two week old son. We are back in our house and I now work from home.

Looking back I am so happy we dropped everything, quit our day jobs and went on our amazing Latin America adventure.

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  1. Brian says:

    Jason, congrats on the new baby boy. You picked the right time to go on your adventure… traveling gets just a little bit tougher with kids (but its still do-able, don’t let people tell you it isn’t!)

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