Creating mobile phone applications for iPhone iPod iPad and Android

Part of this blog is exploring ways to make money online. I started getting interested in mobile applications back in 2007. The Apple store just opened up and it was a new frontier “The Wild West”. A few of my friends were really into mobile and started building apps. They were extremely rudimentary, but were getting downloads and even making money. While I paid attention I never really put much effort into it. We all talked about it, but I was all talk and no action. Looking back I am kicking myself imagining what could have been if I would have just focused back then!

Well enough is enough and I am ready to build my first Iphone / Ipod / Ipad application. Once I have a working Iphone application I will create it on Android.

My plan is to document every step I take and then walk you through to show exactly how I thought up the idea, planned it out, got it built, go to market strategy and then also share the results. The following is what I will discuss in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!!!

  • Idea
  • Building mock up in Powerpoint
  • Organizing Data using excel spreadsheet
  • Building website to help promote
  • Search Engine Marketing plan for promotion
  • Success?
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