How do I get adsense to wrap around my blog post

Quick tip for those that are using Adsense in your blogs. If you would like the text in your blog post to wrap around your adsense add you simple need to add the following code.

So at the beginning of your blog post ad:

<div style= “float: left;”>300×250 Adsense Code Here</div>

So again what that would look like is: <div style=”float: left;”>then add your complete adsense code and then add</div>

If you want the adsense to be on the right side of the post simply delete float: left and add float: right;

You can also use a plugin that will help automate this and all you have to do is add <!–adsense–>, but I will show you how to do that in another post.

What ways are you using to add adsense into your blogs?

Updated with video

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4 Responses to How do I get adsense to wrap around my blog post

  1. Matthew J. Garcia says:


    I tried adding the code mentioned about, but for some reason my text is not wrapping around my ad.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for reading the blog, I just looked at the code and I made a very small mistake. I adjusted in the post above so you can use that or I also adjusted it below. The ” was facing the wrong direction. It was facing toward the left and needs to face towards the right. In the code below I just added a space after the = and the typed in the ” so that it would face to the right and now we are good to go.

    <div style= “float: left;”>300×250 Adsense Code Here</div>

    Gosh, this is exactly why I started this blog, because years ago this would have taking me days to figure out. I am so happy you left a comment.

    Ok so what happen was when I copied the code above it turned the ” towards the = which throws the code out of whack.

    This is the proper code

  3. Derek says:

    If the code doesn’t work u need to change the Quotation marks and type it in my you own keyboard.

    Change it from “ ” to ” “.

  4. Derek says:

    could u delete my comment ^^. Didn’t realise your blog change the quatation mark types by default.

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