Buying multi unit investment properties in Washington DC

My fascination for investing in Washington DC is not going away. One of my goals has been to own a mutli unit property. There are a ton of great investment properties in Washington DC, but I especially like the idea of buying multi unit properties. When DC was being develop back in the early 1900′s there were many large Victorians and row houses built. With the population of DC growing rapidly a lot of these large properties are being converted into multi units.

I was mulling over a single family house that was a solid investment deal, but it just went under contract and is no longer available. So after not jumping on that I started looking for our next potential property. I searched and noticed a very interesting multi unit. It is at the top of our budget, but figured lets take a look and see.

We went and looked and wrote an offer a couple hours later.

Fingers are crossed that it will be accepted!

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