WordPress Fatal error: Call to undefined function on line 2102

This is the fatal error I received when I upgraded to wordpress 3.3.1

I just tried to upgrade to wordpress 3.3.1 and got the following Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_rtl() in /home/escapeth/public_html/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 2102 .

I freaked out for a minute, but then contacted my hosting provider. Luckily they quickly figured out what was wrong. I opened a ticket and within 10 minutes they had it all figured out. The problem was with one of the plugins. For some reason its not compatible with the wordpress upgrade and caused this fatal error. I always read the “make sure you backup your files” message, but never pay much attention to it. I do have an automatic backup that runs once a week, so hopefully if I ever have a major problem the worst thing that would happen is I lose a weeks worth of content.

If you receive this fatal error the first thing you need to check is your plugins. However, the problem is that once you try to upgrade and if unsuccessful you will not be able to get back into your admin console. The first step is to go into your files and change the name of your plugin file. Since you will not be able to access your wordpress dashboard, you will either have to access via filezilla or via your hosting package. My hosting provider changed the file name for me and everything is working great now.

I think the problem was from using the Pop Up Domination plugin. I am pretty sure I was using a very old version which I am sure they have a new upgraded version. But since I had it turned off and was not using it I didn’t have the newest version.

I will have to go back in and add all the plugins I was previously using, but that is much better than totally losing my site.

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