How to build a niche website

I wrote this almost a year ago, but never published it. I think part of my problem is that I want every post to be perfect. Since the arrival of my son two months ago, my free time has pretty much been negative. Please forgive me if I have left anything out or its not perfect, but the follow post should be a great guide for building your first niche blog or website.

1. Brainstorm potential site ideas – What are your passions, what do you love to do, think about what topics are always on your mind, if you could do anything next weekend what would that be. This is not easy, but if you dig deep you will find something. Just make sure you enjoy it other wise you abandon it with in a few weeks.

2. Select domain I have been using Godaddy for years and think even thought there are cheaper register I stick with Godaddy for convenience. I have also used , network solutions,

3. Select hosting. The hosting companies I use have one click set up which makes setting up a website extremely easy. I can have a new site up and running in less than five minutes. I use and recommend the following providers.
total choice hosting

4. Build the site
Use wordpress one click in your hosting package to have a site up in minutes

5. Choose a theme. There are plenty of simple free themes or you can use select a premium theme.

6. Get site indexed

7. Submit Your Site to Search Engines
To submit website to Google, click here.
save the file into a notepage with a .html like google-site-verification: google504e11a978986f36.html
save this file into your www
if you have done it correct it will open a page and show you the code
if you have done it correctly it will be verified and direct you to your dashboard
To submit website to Yahoo, click here.
To submit website to Bing, click here.

8. Write articles
Use odesk, elance or someone in your network that can write articles $5-10 per article.
Each article should be 300-500 words
Provide them with the themes and then word the title of the post around the keywords you are targeting
have them provide you with the titles of the articles so you can approve
check each article with the premium version of copyscape: to ensure they weren’t just copied from another website. (only .05 cents per article)
Do not add all articles your site in one go. Set up a schedule to add one a week (this can easily be done in wordpress)

9. So you can get some links to the posts submit the posts to the relevant blog carnivals here:
You can also use this page to comment on some blogs which have the commentLuv plugin installed (only a few though, I definitely wouldn’t go over the top with this tactic) to get some links for each post.

10. Start your own carnival and post on your site. Here is a great example of a carnival

11. I would also think about getting your writer to write some more posts or use some of the best ones that they wrote to give to other bloggers for guest posts so that you can get a link back this way. You can you this link to find great guestblogging locations:

12. Links!
get links
get links
get links
check to see how many links you have

13. Start tracking keywords
I used to use’s free ranking tracking mozzilla plugin

14. Once you are tracking a lot of keywords google will block your IP and the rank checker will return no results. You can then upgrade to a premium service like Advance Web Rankings software

15. Plan to let website marinate for 4-6 months to see if you can get organic listings
Once you have steady traffic its time to start monetizing

Adsense, Affiliate links – cj, linkshare, clickbank and many more

Please remember that your site will not be successful overnight. Its going to take hours and days of work, but if you work hard you will be successful!

I am sure I left a many things out. Please comment below on what tips and tricks you recommend.

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