Inn on the Pacific in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

We had a fantastic time in San Juan del Sur. We also really enjoyed our time at the Inn on the Pacific. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. We stayed in the penthouse room that has a private terrace and jacuzzi. The hotel is really nice and directly overlooks the San Juan del Sur bay. The views are amazing and its very relaxing to sit on the terrace and look out onto the water.

The one negative about this hotel and thing that you need to know is that it is directly across the street from a few bars. These bars play very loud music and if you are looking for a quiet room at night this would not be the place. Some nights were not loud at all, but other nights were so loud I had to wait till they closed before I could fall asleep. However the loud music did not disturb my wife and she slept great.

We also saw the other rooms and they are all very nice. Most of them have breakfast bar with refrigerator and sink. They also offer free breakfast that was pretty good. The breakfast was eggs, fruit and toast.

Check out the video of our penthouse suit:

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