How to Escape the Cubicle

For over a year we have been planning this adventure. We have spent a lot of time documenting the days leading up to this point and we will continue to tell our story going forward.

We plan to show you how we both were able to Escape That Cube and provide you with the support, tools, tips and motivation so that you can do it as well.

More details to come very soon………

4 Responses to How to Escape the Cubicle

  1. Zenilda Gomerez (Zenny) says:

    Jason and Debbie,
    I Wish you guys all the best in your journey. Allen and I will try to visit you guys and be a small part of this wonderful adventure (not sure if we’ll be the 1st ones though). Maybe one day we will do the same… Who knows…. And yes, when you come back Jason, I will test your spanish!
    Keep us posted :) Have fun!

  2. Samantha Gomerez(Samy) says:

    Hi Jason,
    I don’t know too much about you.I only met you once,but you are really nice. Hope you have the best trip ever!

  3. Allan Weinberg says:

    I need a reservation for myself (single)
    starting 22 April 2011 for 3 nights in David

    please confirm

  4. Kermit says:

    I would like to make a reservation for two, please reply.

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