Free wordpress blog setup and phone support

I am offering Free WordPress Blog Setup and phone support during your initial installation.

WordPress is very easy to set up if you are familiar with Hosting and cpanel, but for those that have never had their own hosting package then it can be a bit tricky. WordPress is a single click install from the fantastico cpanel page. There are also several very helpful plugins, and extra features that I will also include.

Since 2005 I have been working with WordPress. With my experience I can also help make your WordPress blog more Search Engine Friendly allowing you to take full advantage of your new WordPress website.

Don’t waste your time trying to learn how to set up and configure. Your time will be much better spent developing the content which is the key factor in making your website a success. Through my many hours of trial and error I have learn tons of tricks and will include those in your installation .

Learn from my mistakes because I have made a ton. I understand the frustration that goes into learning and setting up a website and want to help so you can get you blog going with out spending hour and hours setting it up.

What is included with your Free WordPress Setup:
Complete WordPress Installation
Optimize your Blog for Search Engines and Tips to increase your Search Engine Ranking Position
Helping you keep you site Spam free
Auto configure weekly Backups so that you never lose your content
Setup up your email
In addition, I am willing contact you on the phone or via skype and walk you though the initial configuration and set up. This way you can create your own site the next time.

Ok, so you are probably asking why I am willing to do this for Free

For five years I have been helping friends and family with their websites. We have spent hours upon hours talking about this idea and that idea. I have to say that I love it. I have never turned down a chance to talk about building websites and the possibility of earning passive income.

There is one things I ask from you and that is when you purchase your domain name and hosting (Items you will need before setting up your website) that you use my affiliate link so I get credit for your purchase. This helps fund the free service that I am providing for you. There is no extra charge and I will not ask you to pay me anything. The only thing I ask is that you sign up with one of my links: webhosting and domain names.

In order for me to get credit you will have to use my links in the post or below. I receive a referral bonus when you sign up with my link. I will also help you as much as I can down the road with any questions.

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Why I have not updated the blog

Writers Block

I know it has been a while since my last blog post and I want to take this time to explain. Some might think that traveling is easy and relaxing. While it is not as hard as rocket science it does take a lot of research, planning and overall work to travel from place to place in backpacker style. It also takes a toll on your mind and body when you are moving hotels every couple of days. The other thing that I found was difficult was sticking to a writing schedule. The first three months I was extremely diligent and disciplined about updating the blog and editing videos.

After working so hard the first three months I felt burned out and did was not in the mood to write. It was not a lack of content, but it was the thought of sitting down and having to write about it that just made my stomach turn. I can also not blame it entirely on not having enough time, because there was plenty of time that I could have written a post and updated the website.

I think one of the main problems is that it takes me a long time to write a post. I want each post to be perfect and it was my thought that if I sit down its going to be many hours until I can finish. All the time that I wasted debating what to write I could have kicked out many posts and been on to the next story.

There were also so many times that I would write a post in my head, but then when I came to write on the computer I just could not regurgitate this wonderful masterpiece. The other big reason was that I just wanted to enjoy the trip and not have to think about anything else other than the current place and people.

What is the lesson of this? Do not try and write the perfect post and don’t worry about the length. Every other day I should have just updated the site with how I was feeling about the trip, where we were at the current moment and what we were experiencing in that locations.

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How to build a website using WordPress Tutorial

How to build a WordPress website

Over the past five years I have created and set up many websites for all different sorts of web projects. About 90% of them I have used a platform called WordPress. I am a huge fan of WordPress which is most widely know as a blogging platform, but over the years has been enhanced to do much more than just as a blogging website. I have used it for my company website, client websites, blogs and affiliate marketing websites. The platform is very flexible and can be easily learned by everyone even non technical users.

The ease of set up and configuration is why I love it so much. Over the past few years I have set up many sites for friends, family and clients. Over the course of our Central America adventure I received many requests from small business owners asking for help with setting up a WordPress site for their business. I really enjoy helping each person individually, but because I am usually only in each place for a few days, I often leave before we have time to sit down and build the site.

For a couple of years I have been wanting to create a series of online tutorials and videos that explain setting up WordPress from start to finish. I now realize how important this is and how helpful this will be to all those that want to have a website. I am going to break it up into 7 videos and go very slow so everyone can follow along.

Below is the outline for WordPress tutorial #1: Continue reading

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I miss trade shows, networking events and meetups

Meetup near washington DCBefore I left on my Central America adventure I was attending many trade shows and tons of local DC, VA and MD networking events. One of the things about being out of the country is that I can not easily jump in my car or catch a train and attend a event. Earlier this week I had the chance to speak at the Virginia Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization meetup that is held at the Arlington Central Library in Virginia. If you are not participating in a meetup near your house you are really missing out on a great opportunity to network and learn from local people in your area. There are many meetups in every city, but if for some reason there is not a meetup on a topic you are passionate about then this is the perfect opportunity for you to start your own. Check out a recap of presentation below that I gave at the SEM/SEO meetup

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How to Make Money Selling Domain Names

make money selling domain names

It is a good feeling to know that I purchased something for $10 and sold it for $375!

If I could do this two or three times a month it would be a great source of extra income. However, it is not easy to be a domainer and I mostly just sold this name so I could call myself a domainer.

Domaining is a lot of fun and I have been studying it for the past five years. You search for names on you like and think could be valuable now or down the road and purchase them for only $10. Its a very small annual investment that could make you money. You can also look at a company and go and search for a domain name that would help their business. Then buy it or if someone already owns it you can broker it to the company and make a commision.

How I made $365 from selling one of my domain names:
The other day out of the blue I received a phone call from a guy asking to purchase one of my domain names. My first reaction was that I Continue reading

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We miss everyone!

We have been gone for 77 days and really starting to miss everyone back home.  We are realizing how hard it would be to live abroad and not see our friends and families for extended periods of time.  A big part of this trip was to figure out what we really want in life and if we could live abroad.  The traveling is awesome and has been a great experience, but it is tough bouncing around every few days.

The news!
We are coming home Continue reading

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The real truth about the journey to the San Blas Islands, Panama

We loved San Blas Islands, Panama!

A few months ago we heard about how amazing the San Blas Islands are, and a must visit location if you are in Panama. Well last week we had the opportunity to experience this first hand. There are three really important parts to this story.

First of all is the journey to actually get to the Islands. It starts with a 4am wake up call so that we can catch the ride that we booked at a hostel in Panama City. By noon we are at the docks loading up on a boat that is basically an over sized dingy with a large outboard motor. We loaded up the 20 or so passengers all excited about heading to these amazing set of Islands and no one having a clue what we are about to get ourselves into. About 60 seconds after we depart the small port we arrive to the area that opens to the Atlantic Ocean. From the port you could not see this area, but as we exited the port the waves begin to rise. At first they brought the bow of the boat gently up and down with a slight spay of salty sea water. Another couple of minutes pass and now the boat is engulfed in huge spays of water that soak everyone on the boat and nothing is left dry. After a couple more minutes the waves are now 3-4 meters and wreaking havoc on this small boat.

One thing that was left out by the friendly tour operator is that you are going to get soaked on this trip. About five minutes into the trip Debbie is asking if we can turn around. Continue reading

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Santa Catalina, Panama

Santa Catalina Local Map

Playa La Barqueta to Santa Catalina:

We left Playa La Barqueta around 11:30am and headed to David, Panama. Once in David we caught a bus $7.50 to Santiago and then another bus ($1.75) to Sona. Once we were in Sona we missed the last bus which would have only been $3.85 to Santa Catalina and had to take a $30 Taxi.

When we arrived in Santa Catalina we immediately had a good feeling about this place. We checked out Cabinas Rolo’s and quickly decided to stay here. The next morning I saw Rolo and he asked me if I wanted to join him for a morning surf session. He was headed to the reef break on his boat and I was excited but scared, because there are dangers of surfing on a reef. I figure what the heck why not and with no time to really think about it I jumped in the boat and surfed my first reef with Rolo and his family. I caught 3 waves, but on the third wave I ended up in about a foot of water with nothing but jagged reef below, I Continue reading

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Playa La Barqueta, Panama

Las Olas Playa La Barqueta, Panama

We had a really good time at the Las Olas beach resort in Playa La Barqueta. After leaving Bocas del Toro we needed a place to stay that was about halfway between Bocas del Toro and Santa Catalina, which was our next destination. All that was really important was that the hotel had good internet connectivity so we could work for 3 days. We originally planned to spend a few days in David, Panama because we knew there was good internet, but instead of staying in the city and staring out the window at traffic we ended up heading to the beach. This was by far one of the best decisions and one of the worst decisions we have made on this trip. It was great because we loved our time at Las Olas. However, it was the worst, because we had a lot of cash stolen out of our room.

When we first arrived the hotel seemed like a ghost town, but we quickly made a few friends and ended up really connecting with a couple name Shirley and Phil. They are from New Jersey and come to Panama to escape the cold New Jersey winter. It started with a Continue reading

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Catarata La Cangreja Rincon de La Vieja Costa Rica

Waterfall at La Cangreja Rincon de La Vieja Costa Rica

We really loved our time in Rincon de La Vieja Costa Rica, and one of our favorite activities was hiking to the waterfall Catarata La Cangreja. It is a a 5.1 KM and the trail is very well maintained. The water is amazing, check out the video.

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