Stories from Cube Escapers

I have spent years researching and listening to stories of people that have successfully Escape That Cube and will use this space to share their stories with you. If you have Escape That Cube please contact me and I would love to hear about and post it for others to be inspired by it.

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  1. Howard says:

    In 84, (BC – before children) my wife and I both quit our jobs, mine an engineer for United Technologies, and hers teaching in a public school, to travel around the world. We made a gantt chart of all the stuff we needed to do before we left, exactly a year before departure. We rented the house we had, (which turned out great), got an eastbound milage route ticket for around 1,600 ea. at the time, with destination countries, but no dates, and left. It took ~16 months. We spent the first 6 months in european countries, then egypt -> east africa, india, nepal, thailand, malaysia, singapore, indonesia, HK, China, then back with a stop in Hawaii. We flew the big hops, but took alot of boats too. If we liked a place we stayed, otherwise we left, we had no schedule. After returning we were wiser, enlightened, and had new and better perspectives than when we left. It was definitely “the move”. Following that we started a business importing from Bali, and I “commuted” there for about 7 years, before “domestifing” the business. I kept that business for ~15 years, when the internet came and changed my life, and I swiched from a physical product provider to an application provider, billing with no shipping.. what a concept! I have been happily self employed since we left, and I could never imagine working in a corporate office again, and missing all the abundant opportunities. If you travel like the locals, it is not all expensive, and you can live very well for very little, especially in eastern countries. Whatever it costs, its worth 100->10,000x that much (as with education and experience in general) in the long run, note however,.. spending less typically leads to experiencing and seeing more of where you are :) Imagine… before cell phones, and the web! After returning home, I was more appreaciative of it. Have no fear, the world is a very beautiful place, more people should see more of it. Many young Aussies take the trip, lots of Germans, but few Americans,.. apparently it’s a cultural thing. Get up early or sleep late.. you choose! Hope that inspires you!


  2. brigitte Savignac says:

    would like to know where you come from… I mean where did you used to work… like what city? just curious…

  3. In December 2011 my husband and I “Escaped Our Cubes” in Calgary, AB for a life in Nicaragua.

    Check out our site for stories of our Nicaraguan adventure!

    Elisha in Nica

    • admin says:

      Elisha, Simply put – Awesome!!! So happy and proud of you and your husband!

      Looking forward to following your adventure and will definitely look forward to coming to visit you once you have your business up and running!

      How did you do it? Did you save up a bunch of cash? That is one of the things I was always fascinated about knowing.

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