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How to build a WordPress website

Over the past five years I have set up many websites using WordPress. I am a huge fan of WordPress and have used it for my company website, client websites, blogs and affiliate marketing websites. The platform is very flexible and can be easily learned by everyone even non technical users like myself.

The ease of set up and configuration is why I love it so much. Over the past few years I have set up many sites for friends, family and clients. I have been receiving many requests from people about helping them set up a WordPress site. I really enjoy helping each person individually, but also realized that it would be good to create a series of online tutorials and videos that explain setting up WordPress from start to finish. I am going to break it up into 7 videos and go very slow so everyone can follow along.

Below is the outline for WordPress tutorial #1:

Buying your domain name and hosting
Changing your DNS
Setting up your hosting account
One click WordPress configuration
Your first blog post
Most important plugins

Buying your domain name and hosting
First step is to select a domain name and hosting package. I recommend purchasing your domain name from Godaddy that currently has a Special $7.49.com Sale! and your hosting via Hostgator order page. Select the shared hosting option and then the Hatchling Plan. This will be $5.56 per month when you pay for the year in advance. This is all you need and if you want more sites down the road you can always upgrade to the unlimited domain package that is $7.96 , but build your first site before thinking about that.

Links you will need:
Hostgator Hosting Hosting for $4.95 per month
Godaddy Domains Currently is selling .com’s for $7.49 per year

Now that you purchased your hosting and domain name you need to set up your hosting account.

Next you need to log into godaddy and change your DNS to ns1.hostgator.com and ns2.hostgator.com

Go back into your cpanel which will be at yourdomain.com/cpanel and go to fantastico. Click on the wordpress one click WordPress configuration. Once you click on the wordpress option it will walk you through the set up. After it is set up you should be able to log into your site by going to yourdomain.com/wp-admin

You are now all set. Start writing blog posts and getting used to your WordPress dashboard.

In the next video I will show you the most important plugins, how to install them and what to do with them.

Please let me know if this was easy to follow along and please leave your comments below.

I am still putting the finishing touches on the video and will have that up on this website asap!

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